7 Lessons We Can Learn from David Bowie

It’s rare that a person dies and has such an impact on millions and millions of people across the globe. The reaction to David Bowie’s death yesterday, was just one of those times, and his impact on generations and generations of people spanning the world over, could be felt in every office, on every radio station, in every cafe and shop playing his music, every newspaper this morning.

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How Cyberloafing is Wrecking Your Career

Evelyn Cotter of Seven Career Coaching told Stylist that cyberloafing can become a ‘compulsive behaviour for many people’, acting as an attempt to fill a hole in our life that isn’t going to be filled by browsing through Arket or looking at flat listings.

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Welcome to Life Coaching Fridays!

Forget ‘motivational Monday’, it’s now officially all about Life Coaching Fridays! We thought Friday was a great day every week for us to lighten things up and share some life inspiration. Our usual career focused how-to coaching articles will continue as usual during the rest of the week. We’re going to select the best of what we’ve found most inspiring, uplifting and motivational from our week to share with you.

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Could TM be Your Secret Weapon to Success?

Imagine your mobile phone could only get fully recharged twice or three times a year? Jerry Seinfeld, a 40 year meditator, recently likened his daily transcendental meditation practise to being like his charger. When you think about it, most people, only recharge fully when they go on holiday or have an extended break, a few times a year, if lucky.

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