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The SEVEN Coaching Approach

SEVEN’s career coaching is underpinned by sound coaching principles and well validated techniques which achieve results for our clients again and again.

SEVEN’s coaching is the combination of our team’s vast learning through our own professional development, our clients  professional and personal development, distilled into a simplified, succinct  system we use as the foundation to all our individually tailored packages. It’s much more than career guidance, it’s not career counselling, career coaching is about empowering you the individual, it’s results-focused, action-oriented with a holistic approach.

We use the most innovative, up to the minute coaching tools and personal development techniques, cross-discipline techniques, industry knowledge, and tailor it to you and the achievement of your goals.

Although the career coaching process is a dynamic one, one that moves and adapts and develops as you develop and grow, from our experience we understand that working within our unique framework as a basis, makes the complex simple, creating results time and time and time again.

Stage 1:

Knowing who you are is the starting point to knowing what you want. So we start here, at the global level, helping you get clarity around what you value in life, catching up with who you are now (as opposed to the person you were when you chose your career direction), what’s worked, what hasn’t. Finding out what your big picture looks like. Having this time to reflect, take a step back is of huge value and what you put in to this stage will create the foundations for your new future.

Next, we get down to the local level, we find out what you want to do, what you can do, what you have done. Understanding suitability is also a big part here, what type of environment do you thrive in, what company values are important to you, what’s your working style. We do lots of practical exercises and on the ground research into exactly what will make up your best career move. We look at your work experience from different angles and unlock the value in what you’ve already done, break it down in terms of preferred skills, natural strengths, achievements etc., opening you up to whole new possibilities.

The result of stage 1, is in 3 sessions you achieve clarity around what you need to give you satisfaction and fulfilment professionally, you see your past experience from a new perspective.  Most commonly, clients have ideas for career direction that they can now assess for suitability using these results, or direction ideas will have popped up through these exercises and tools, which we can use in the next phase.

Stage 2:

Finding out what you want to do: This is about correlating all the information from the first stage and looking at your areas of interest and ideas for direction, in the context of suitability. It’s now crystal clear what you value, what you’re long term and mid-term objectives are, where your skills lie and what skills you want to use and also your gaps, so knowing where and how you’ll succeed is much more tangible to decipher. Essentially we shortlist the future possibilities from the end of the first stage we strategically qualify or eliminate direction ideas through various means, look at the possibilities building on your current experience in less traditional or obvious ways. We help you to side-step the competition, creating a unique and self-managed platform, focusing more on creating opportunities than passively applying for jobs. Resulting in exciting new opportunities, often-times the beginnings of an expanded network and new skill set in career opportunity creation.

At the end of session 6, often the result is having 3 clear career directions that fit your suitability and build on your existing experience and a strategic action plan for you to work to in order to choose your best course. This later stage is mostly around strategy and developing and using the tools and resources to achieve your career change goals. How you present yourself is a big part of this, we help you market yourself specifically on LinkedIN, in your CV, look at your interview technique, networking style and fit etc. For some at the end of this stage, clients will have job offers, for others, clients will be deep in informational interviewing and exploring or doing work experience, it varies widely depending on the client and the industry they’re focused on entering.

Stage 3:

For many clients, getting tailored and specific support is key to their success in applying the tools they’ve learned through the coaching process and achieving their mid-long term goals. Continuing to be held accountable while you continue through your action plan is one of the key benefits of this stage. Many clients at this stage need support around implementation of their action plan, networking, brainstorming or help with how to tailor their communication style or improve their approach to companies they are interested in is a very important next step. For some, it’s about setting up a way to work for themselves or entering a brand new industry. We work with clients on a whole variety of areas, as and when the need arises to help further them along their action plan. Areas like strategic networking, how to successfully line up and conduct informational interviews, how to be generally be more effective in various scenarios and how to successfully approach finding and creating opportunities in  creative, pro-active ways.

SEVEN is designed with you in mind.

We see it as our job to cut through the white noise of life, quickly and precisely helping people get to the root of who they are, what they want and develop a creative and tailored action plan to get them their, in a few simple steps. SEVEN makes coaching a tangible, simple, step-by-step system, a breath of fresh air that we understand our clients need in the complexities and stresses of their day to day lives.

SEVEN is about results, period.

We know you want to achieve your goals as quickly and simply as possible and the great thing about coaching is your result is our result. Combine this with our years of coaching experience, multi-industry experience and ever developing expertise and you can see why you can only succeed with SEVEN.

We help people every day to successfully:

  • Explore career options
  • Fast-track career progress
  • Develop as a leader
  • Perform at their top level
  • Improve productivity
  • Make big decisions – emigration, going freelance
  • Make a Career transition
  • Find direction
  • Maximise their existing role
  • Prepare for a promotion
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Get clarity and create an action plan on taking your next career step
  • and much much more……