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Personal Branding Executive & Corporate Coaching

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Our corporate personal branding and image coaching workshops are individually tailored to your organisation’s and team’s objectives. We also deliver one-to-one personal branding and image coaching for executives, a tried and tested programme of tailored coaching for you and your objectives.

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Personal Branding at SEVEN

We are values-led in our approach and as a result, authenticity is key to who we are as a business and to any of the Coaches on our team, it’s also a big part of personal branding. Authenticity is the key to a highly-effective personal brand, after all truth is powerfully magnetic, and the clarity we help you to reach in our personal branding sessions, arms you with the confidence and commitment to live your brand.

Personal branding is about delivering and communicating with impact. It’s about being memorable for the reasons you want people to remember you by. Personal branding is about influencing and persuading those around you, winning those around you over just by being consistent to your values. Personal branding is about being your values and packaging yourself in the best way to achieve your goals.

As each and every client we work with has very different needs, objectives and challenges, our personal branding service is highly tailored and bespoke. If you’re an executive, a graduate or a business leader, we have an expert who can work with you to help you clarify your brand and use it practically to propel yourself forward.

Personal Branding with SEVEN typically covers:

• Identifying your personal brand archetype
• Identifying your core values and using your values to create your brand
• Clarifying how your brand can support your immediate and long-term career objectives
• Analysis of your presentation and communication style and how to ensure that’s communicating your brand
• Crafting and clarifying your professional narrative
• Creating your highly compelling elevator pitch
• Analysis of your online presence, social media, LinkedIN etc.
• Dressing for specific events, interviews, promotion
• Image, colour and shape analysis – if required

For an intensive 2 hour personal branding session, as an add-on to any of our coaching packages with your Coach – please contact Natalie at [email protected] for more details.

Alternatively, if you want to purchase a private stand-alone personal branding package – we offer a 3 session package with the best Career Coach for you, prices start at £647. Please contact Ellie and include your LinkedIN link and any relevant links at [email protected] for more details.
For executive clients, rates will correspond with our executive coach’s rates, starting at £1047.

Every Coach working for SEVEN is aware of the importance of personal branding and it’s something that we use in our approach within all our career, executive and life coaching packages. Our coaching approach is values-led and used with each and every SEVEN client. However, for many, focusing on personal branding or an aspect of it specifically and in much more depth is required and highly beneficial, especially as a way to practically apply your values during or after career, life or executive coaching.

For more information on our corporate and executive rates, please go to our coaching for companies page or drop Natalie an email at [email protected]