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Fausto’s Story

The Challenge

Fausto was working in media & TV production and wanted to move to a more creative area within his field, in special effects and animation. He had a upcoming interview with an important company in the film industry so he wanted to project the right image for the role. Additionally, we wanted to work on his long term plans and build an authentic brand, unfolding his most artistic side.

In Fausto’s words

“I chose personal branding because I felt I needed to align my image to my newly discovered career path in Film Animation and Visual Effects. My experience was positive from day one. I had an interview for a job I really wanted, and it so happened that I had my first session with Veronica the day before, where we were meant to discuss a few basics and get to know each other. Veronica wasted no time and suggested straight away to skip a few steps and go straight to the shop to get me the perfect outfit – I’m so glad we did! it was an impromptu shop & talk session that landed me the job I wanted”.

“I learnt what styles and colours suit me best, I maximised my LinkedIn profile by making the most of all its features, making them work for my career aspirations, slimming down irrelevant experience. We worked through my short and long term career goals, and I now have a plan to move forward and to develop my brand to achieve those goals. I feel altogether inspired, motivated and positive about the steps I need to take to get where I want to be. The thing I enjoyed the most was learning that whether we want it or not, we already are ‘brands’ and we transmit ‘brand values’ to potential employers, connections, colleagues. Veronica taught me to make my brand work for me, and for the first time in my life I am not embarrassed to present myself as an artist”.

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“Veronica is personable, easy to talk to and a great listener. She will give you the right advice and help you understand how to use this knowledge on style and colour, image projection and online presence so you can make the most of it once the sessions are over. Veronica is a natural motivator: a bit of a cross between a fashion designer, a CBT therapist and a marketing consultant”.

From the Coach

Fausto enjoyed the process of working on his image and looking for a winning outfit for his upcoming interview. He felt comfortable, inspired and confident with it. Although his ‘creator archetype’ was already visible, Fausto needed to make it stronger and wanted his brand not only to say ‘creator’ but ‘artist’. He engaged in finding steps to build his brand with great enthusiasm and motivation.

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The result

Fausto benefited from the Personal Branding package with SEVEN from day one, feeling empowered in his interview outfit which also landed him the job he wanted. He now has a stronger awareness of what his brand says about him and he’s fully committed to his personal development plan to show his artistic self and present himself as an artist, including online.

Flossy’s story

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Flossy was an HR professional working in the Financial Services industry. Although she already had many years of experience and was confident about her knowledge and expertise in her field, she felt she wanted to project more leadership alongside her career growth. Additionally, Flossy was an enthusiastic public speaker and had a vivid interest in politics; she was involved in her local community initiatives and wanted to find the best way to include this too in her personal brand statement.

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In Flossy’s words:

“I was moving into a more senior position and I wanted to project more of a leadership image to go with this step up in responsibility. It was incredible! Right from my first session with Veronica where we discussed my current situation to the colour analysis and personal branding session, the whole experience was very worthwhile.”

“I achieved an understanding of how to project an image of leadership, the colours that suit me and the style of clothes I need to wear, and ways to improve my online presence.”

“Veronica’s approach was very warm and engaging without being overbearing.  She is a good listener which is essential.”

From the Coach

Flossy engaged in her Personal Branding journey with great interest and desire to strengthen her brand, not only to project confidence and expertise but leadership. In the process she also learned useful tools to push back and say no where necessary as well as uncover her extra work interests where she can also show her leadership. Flossy’s archetype was ‘the executor’ but she was determined to make it ‘the leader’.

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The result

Flossy benefited from the Personal Branding package with SEVEN, applying what she learned in the sessions from day one. She embraced her new leadership image and felt empowered by it. Flossy today shows and promotes her ‘leader’ brand with great enthusiasm and she’s committed to maintaining it while continuing her career and self development journey.

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