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Work – Life Balance

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When Work-Life Balance, or as we like to refer to it at SEVEN, Life-Work Balance, is out of sync, energy levels dip, our plate feels overwhelmingly full, even the most enjoyable things can become a chore. Everything suffers. Using the principles of life coaching we help you go from merely surviving to thriving in just a few career coaching sessions with the SEVEN BALANCE coaching programme.

Work/life balance is all about priorities, your priorities. We help you to clarify what your priorities are and teach you the tools to get the right  formula that works for you and your life.  Achieving balance ensures you enjoy both work and home, that you can give as much as you want to, because you are re-investing back into yourself. Through clarifying what you want from life, helping you develop assertiveness and confidence, re-structuring your time to get the most from life, stress doesn’t become something you need to manage, with our work-life balance tips, you learn where to draw the line between work and play.

  • Clarify how you want to live your life
  • Create a practical supportive structure
  • Learn to prize quality over quantity
  • Learn to live in the Now
  • Create your priorities list in line with big goals
  • Learn new habits to support a balanced lifestyle
  • Improve time management & structuring techniques
  • Get more enjoyment from all aspects of your life