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Confidence Coaching

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Developing confidence, confident communication, confident presentation and social confidence is a big part of what we work on with both our life coaching and career coaching clients. ¬†Confidence is key to success and is the basis to everything, it’s that simple.

Healthy, solid confidence is the bedrock to an effective, satisfying life and the precursor to setting and achieving your personal and professional goals. When you work with one of our Life Coaches, we get an understanding of where you’re currently experiencing gaps in your life, what your obstacles are and tailor a practical action plan to help you make positive changes and grow your confidence, at a pace that works best for you.

Life Coaching for Assertiveness

Feeling able to set and maintain boundaries that are best for your health and happiness, is very commonly¬†challenged in all sorts of work, life and social situations. Getting clear on what your needs are, your standards are and accepting what’s best for you, the Life Coach at SEVEN will support you in practically implementing new boundaries. Lacking in assertiveness can have an incredibly damaging impact on a person, and resolving this as a result is always incredibly rewarding work, but certainly very challenging without the support of a Life Coach or professional to help you.

Developing confidence and assertiveness has a powerful positive impact on our client’s lives both personally and professionally.