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What could a SEVEN Life Coach
help you achieve?


Whether it’s exploring your current options, needing to make a decision, preparing for change or transition, support through a big life move or change or challenging times in your relationships. Our Life Coaches will help you clarify exactly what you want and help you make the change.


Successful relationships are key to a happy, satisfying and successful life, for all of us. Life Coaching is a great way to develop your interpersonal skills, design how you want to be in your relationships and find new ways to be more successful with everyone you come into contact with.


Achieving true balance is both an art and a science, feeling backed up and supported to be selective is one of the greatest benefits a Life Coach will give you in achieving your version of a balanced life. Enhance the quality of your time at home, at work, with family and loved ones.


Your confidence isn’t static, it’s up and down in different aspects of your life depending on your circumstances at different times, having your own dedicated Life Coach to ensure you’re feeling confident in the right ways and able to live your life to the full is an area we specialise in.

The SEVEN Approach

  • Be systematically guided to discover, define and articulate your individual formula to succeed
  • Identify what a fulfilling and meaningful career looks like for you
  • Clarify your 7 key career components including core values, natural-strengths, environment fit and career assessment
  • Expert guidance in using your criteria from stage 1 to brainstorm, research and target key directions
  • Upgrade your job search strategy with our cutting edge tools, techniques and mindset
  • Learn to maximise and strategically develop your network in ways that are right for your career
  • Be guided step-by-step through your tailored action plan through to achieving your set outcomes
  • Define your value proposition, personal brand and new career narrative
  • Create the most relevant cover letter, CV, online presence, LinkedIN profile and interview technique

Life Coaching at SEVEN

A highly-tailored 1-1 service focusing on your personal goals and your personal development, in whatever way you need help and support with at the time. We believe in an entirely holistic approach at SEVEN, taking your whole self into account, whether that’s home, work, relationships, health, wealth, creative expression, lifestyle and environment, it’s all connected.

Life Coaching is regularly incorporated into our career and executive coaching, because more often than not, the root of your success is personal and much deeper than intellectually ‘knowing what to do’. We have a track-record in expertly supporting, facilitating and helping people to achieve confidence, improve relationships, cultivate a positive self-image, overcome emotional obstacles, transform limiting beliefs, new parents, big life transitions and much more…

We can help you to do the same.

Increase your:

» Confidence    » Focus    » Productivity
» Quality of Life

How Life Coaching works?

SEVEN’s life coaching is underpinned by sound coaching principles and well validated techniques which achieve results for our clients again and again.

You will get the best results from your life coaching experience by committing to a course of sessions, which will be tailored + planned to achieve your set objectives.

How it works:

Fill out your enquiry form and let us know what you’re looking for help with.

Speak to SEVEN’s Client Manager within 24 hours to learn if we are a fit. 

Have your FREE 30 minute Deep Dive call with one of our expert Career Coaches!

Receive your individual coaching assessment and start with your Coach within 7 days!

Why our clients choose SEVEN:

  • In-depth 90 minute sessions

  • Meet Face-to-Face

  • Bookings Mon-Fri 8am – 9pm

  • Meet at our offices in WeWork Spitalfields

  • Expertly matched to your specialist Coach

  • Quick start within
    7 days

  • 100% Confidentiality

  • At a pace that fits you

  • Tailored programmes to you

Why choose to work with us?

Firstly, we’re people experts.

Our team are all highly-experienced and trained in the latest coaching techniques, positive psychology, NLP, transactional analysis, as well as continually working on their own personal and coaching development.

We’re helping individuals dramatically enhance the quality of their lives since 2009. Secondly, our Coaches have coaching in their DNA, simply put, they’re not just trained and experienced, they’re naturals who are fiercely passionate about personal and human development. Our Coaches are hand-picked, rigorously vetted and put through their paces from the best in London to make it on to the SEVEN team.

Personalised Approach

Find a Life Coach who truly understands your situation, is highly-experienced, empathetic and pragmatic and get one-on-one help instead of a one-size-fits-all solution.

Trusted Coaches

Every SEVEN Life Coach has been expertly vetted so you have peace of mind knowing you’re working with the best Coaches we can find in London, the UK and we think, even the world!

Real Results

Have confidence that by working with an expertly matched Life Coach for you, will have you seeing positive results in your life, relationships, confidence and much more.

Our Life Coaches

Joanna Hunek

Executive Coach

Joanna is a direct and highly energetic coach with a passion for leadership and personal development, building confidence, courage and intentional performance. With a decade of experience in a global blue chip company where she gained her skills and interest in people’s professional development, nurturing talents and delivering engaging training workshops, she is successfully coaching managers, leaders and leaders-to-be into being purposeful and inspirational leaders of the 21st century.

William Graham

Career Coach + Performance Coach

William’s mission is to empower extraordinary people in leading truly fulfilling lives. For more than 10 years he has been engaged in the study and cultivation of human potential within the fields of Psychology, Performance Coaching, and Meditation. He has a proven track record having coached over 120 clients adding up to 1,300+ hours within 1:1 and group coaching sessions, as well as personal development workshops.

Patrycja Skurzak

Life Coach

Patrycja is our resident Confidence Coach and is passionate about helping mid-career professionals to unleash their potential. As a qualified CTI Co-Active Coach and an NLP Practitioner, Patricia specialises in helping people to break down their own internal barriers, discover their own uniqueness and channel their inner drive and energy to achieve exciting personal results.