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Our client’s words:

“Working with my SEVEN Life Coach has been an excellent experience so far. She has helped me a lot with discovering my values and building my confidence, both personally and professionally.

I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who feels lost or unfulfilled – it is a hugely helpful way to gain clarity about what you want and feel the motivation you need to make a change.”

4 Month Programme

“In that time I found her to be a pleasantly open, understanding and energetic coach, very knowledgeable and resourceful, with excellent ability for cutting through and making sense of the heaps of information I threw at her.

I went into the coaching experience to rebuild confidence and to get some clarity around my career and other aspects of my busy life. My SEVEN Life Coach pushed me to understand more about myself and to challenge myself more regularly as a means to build confidence.

I really enjoyed the process – yes, sometimes it was testing – but overall an experience I would recommend.

3 Month Programme

It has been an incredibly insightful experience and has given me a clear focus and goal which is definitely something I lacked before. Helped to push me out my comfort zone, increase my self belief and confidence through various tasks and activities.

I would highly recommend SEVEN, if you are not sure what you want out of your career, or are not sure of how to get to where you want to be. They will equip you with the best tools to work towards your goal!

4 Month Programme

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