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Creating a career you love isn’t something
you’re taught at University

Our Graduate Fast-Track is designed to bridge that often very wide gap from academia to industry. We have been helping graduates successfully turn their education into a career they love since 2009 and are excited to unleash our powerful and proven methodology to help you do the same.

SEVEN’s Graduate Career Experts:

Eli, our top graduate career specialist is leading our Graduate Fast-Track course taking place in London over 3 nights on the evenings of September 11th, 18th, 25th and will be hosting this free webinar. The webinar will be jam-packed full of success stories of our graduate clients just like you and top tips from a range of our experts to help you turn your degree into a career you love.

Each of our team have impressive track records in working with graduates and coaching in top universities and business schools. All 7 of the coaches specialise in successfully working with graduates and junior professionals across all fields. As a result, we understand the intimate challenges graduates face today, in 2018, in finding the right career direction and getting the best role to fit you from the start. Understanding the ever-changing landscape of work and having our finger on the pulse, is our main USP as coaches and why we get such great results from our clients. 33% of graduates will be in the wrong job after graduation, our mission is to make sure that doesn’t happen to you! With our tried and tested methodology and 3 phased framework, we can help you find clarity, qualify the right direction and implement an action plan to help you be in a role you will thrive in and grow to reach your professional and personal potential.

Each of the team below have previous careers in tech, startups, consultancy, psychology as well as the corporate world, and will be sharing their knowledge with you in this exclusive webinar, all part of our Graduate Fast-Track course, happening over 3 nights in September.

The Graduate Fast-Track Team:

What you’ll get from this
exclusive webinar:

  • Practical tips from leading career specialists, covering every area you need to excel at to land your dream job.

  • Real-life success stories of how graduates just like you, got their dream jobs with our help.

  • A practical breakdown of just how our tried and test methodology works for getting the career you really want.

  • You get to ask top career experts questions about your career.

  • Exclusive special offers and discounts only available to those of you who are on the webinar on Wed August 8th 6PM BST.

  • First-level access to our first ever Graduate Fast-track 3 night course on September 11th, 18th and 25th in London.

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Previously only available to a select number of our one-to-one clients, we are so excited to unleash our cutting edge graduate programme in this new format! We have had a huge demand from graduates in 2018 to share our knowledge in a more accessible format and this is the answer!

We have distilled down the most impactful components of this 3 month programme to 3 jam-packed, high-value evenings to give you the most relevant ways to turn your education into a meaningful, satisfying career you love.

Taking place on the evenings of September 11th, 18th, 25th in London at 6.30pm.
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