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Evelyn Cotter

Founder + Coach

Leading SEVEN since 2012 and coaching since 2009, Evelyn is a Coach and entrepreneur.

Since childhood, Evelyn felt passionate about helping people to see and reach their potential. Creating a positive and uplifting business that aligns with her values and passions and delivers powerful, tangible results with imagination and personality, is her mission with SEVEN.

Her focus is now building a fresh, contemporary coaching brand and approach with the help of leading Coaches. Her vision for SEVEN is to have the most authentic, dynamic coaching expert to fit each and every client need in the millennial age.



“Having never experienced any professional coaching before, I was amazed at the benefit had to me personally, and to us three directors who participated in the group coaching. The methods SEVEN uses, and the manner in which they carry them out, are highly effective and very thought-provoking.”

Nicky Bowes Director, Incorporate Design


“I really wanted some professional and expert guidance. Matching to a coach that had my industry specific knowledge as well as an understanding of the level of seniority I was at, really gave me confidence. I knew that SEVEN would offer me the coaches and the process that would give me the options and expertise I was looking for.”

Catherine Marketing Director, Graze


“The experience was excellent all round. I learned a lot about how to deal with various situations in a management capacity, how to best present myself and how to analyse myself. Higher levels of motivation. Better self-awareness. Increased circle of influence.”

Matt O’Daly Senior Director eCommerce Europe, Warner Music Group

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