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Evelyn Cotter


Shoreditch, the City

Personal Branding    Coaching for Organisations in the Millennial Age

Leading SEVEN since 2011 and coaching since 2009, Evelyn is a Coach and entrepreneur. Creating a positive and uplifting business that aligns with her core values, passions and delivers powerful results with imagination and personality, is her mission with SEVEN. Her focus is now building a fresh, contemporary coaching brand and approach with the help of leading Coaches. Her vision for SEVEN is to have the most authentic, dynamic coaching expert to fit each and every client need in the millennial age.

Now London’s market leader in career coaching, SEVEN is a brand built upon the reputation of Evelyn’s coaching with her individual and organisational clients since 2009, as well as the fantastic work her team of coaches have been achieving. SEVEN’s coaches and clients have described Evelyn as pragmatic, fun, innovative and dynamic. Drawing on her experience as a successful business owner, journalist, editor, creative director in the fashion industry and as a marketing manager for a fin-tech startup, she sees SEVEN as an exciting vessel through which to utilise her diverse interests, talents and experience. Understanding first-hand, the challenge to find direction and meaning in life, she is a living and breathing embodiment of the power of coaching and loves nothing better than to see others experience the same!

Her vision for SEVEN as it grows, is to continue to build a team around her of leading thinkers in this field, to help inspire, support and facilitate millions of people around the world to master living life on their terms, define what success means to them and contribute in meaningful ways at their fullest potential.