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Confidence is a behaviour, and all behaviour can be learned, re-learned and un-learned. The process of creating behavioural change doesn’t happen in one day, or in one workshop, it requires a process involving the 5 points of active learning. That’s why we’ve created a results-achieving system that is based on these 5 points, to ensure practical results and real change are achieved for you and all participants of our programmes.

Transforming behaviour and our 5 point process

Through our pre-workshop design form, we get your input and learn what will be most relevant and valuable for you to take back into your day-to-day life. We then design a tailored workshop around your input. Complimented by an accompanying workbook, to help you prepare beforehand, record and monitor your progress. 

Post-workshop, we ensure your continued success through an accountability system so that you can test, practise and measure the effectiveness of what you’ve learnt. And finally, to help you get the maximum long-term benefits, we provide an online follow up session, 1 month on so that you continue to benefit from your new behaviours and mindset long into the future.

The SEVEN System

Our workshops are designed around you, your challenges and objectives. Our focus is to achieve real world impact for every participant of our programmes. We do that through focusing on content that is relevant to you, your company culture and industry. With interactive, thought-provoking and true-to-life exercises, we aim to inspire and support you, move you into action, and help you to achieve tangible results that mean something to your career and your life. 

Pre-workshop Design

You get to tell us what you most want to get out of this programme! What specific challenges do you experience around confidence? We’ll take your input and tailor the workshop to fit the most common challenges.

Confidence in Action

You’ll get a tailored workbook to help prepare yourself before the workshop, help you stay focused during the workshop and ensure you stay on track after the workshop. Measuring progress is all part of sustaining continued progress.

Accountability system

We put a system in place to ensure you keep your new habits front of mind and support you, to embed what you’ve learnt into your day-to-day work and home lives. 

Follow Up

We host a follow up session 1 month on from the workshop, to hear your successes and help you overcome any challenges. Conveniently held online and recorded.

Our Confidence in Action Coaches


Confidence Coach 

As SEVEN’s resident confidence specialist, Patrycja has achieved impressive results with our clients consistently over the past few years, always helping clients transform their careers through confidence. Patrycja’s passion for confidence development as the basis to unlock potential is contagious and her progressive approach to coaching is innovative, fun and highly-effective. She specializes in confidence building, career transition, and personal branding.


Life Coach 

Rebecca is one of SEVEN’s leading Life Coaches and has years of experience in supporting professional performers in their careers. As a previous performer in the arts, Rebecca draws on her experience through helping people develop confident communication, personal branding and supporting people to unleash their potential through presentation, and all forms of confident communication.