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Coach Profile

Jelena Radonjic

Career Coach

Jelena is an award-winning coach, passionate about helping aspiring professionals thrive in the careers they love. An experienced professional with 25 years in international recruitment and education management, Jelena is CTI qualified, bringing together unique insights into how recruiters think and how personal coaches work.

Jelena is all about results and offers a unique combination of deeper level work based on her training and practice as a personal coach with the application of specific recruitment knowledge and skills.

Working in sales, business development, candidate selection, talent acquisition and managerial roles, from start-ups to University Career Service, to growing SMEs in Japan and the UK, Jelena has developed a strong business acumen and commercial awareness that allow her to coach clients from a variety of industries and seniority levels.

Having worked and lived in 3 countries, Jelena has developed experience in Asian, European, African, and Russian markets. She speaks 4 languages. Her understanding of cross-cultural differences and skills coaching allow her to identify key strengths and difficulties in candidates of any background. She is adept at helping clients identify their key strengths and weaknesses and guide them to develop their personal brand which is unique to them and will make them shine in interviews and throughout the selection process.


Career direction + transition


Interview coaching

Work-life balance

MBAs + Postgrad

Cross-cultural competence

Clients From




Oxford Instruments


Imperial College

Frontier Economics


Spiritual practices and meditation

Languages and cross-cultural competence

Fitness, Health, Dance



“I sought the advice of Jelena, Seven Career Coach, in May of this year. After spending several years following entrepreneurial ventures I was unsure of how to return to a more corporate career. Jelena was fantastic. She was able to help me identify the things that I enjoyed, valued and excelled at. Jelena challenged preconceptions I held and helped me work through them. The end result was a focused, pragmatic and positive strategy for career advancement - a strategy that has already been successful. I will continue to work with Jelena on career progression and would recommend her without hesitation.”

Alex Digital Product Director, Tottenham Hotspur FC


“Seven Career Coaching were professional and informative in their introductory call and very perceptive in their matching of Jelena and I. Jelena was kind enough to offer me an initial chemistry session during which it quickly became apparent that the terminology she used was exactly what I needed, so I didn’t have any hesitation in signing up. Throughout our time together Jelena has been supportive, encouraging and highly focused in driving me to get the best from our sessions. She always follows up with a valuable and succinct summary of what has been discussed during the session, she has a wealth of links and recommendations at her fingertips, and she has a deep understanding of how to generate a new level of self-awareness that is critical for forward progress in determining career and professional options. I was questioning the future direction of my own 20 yr career in group accounting work, and with Jelena’s help I have discovered that the best way forward for me is to pursue a part time FD role that allows me to spend time on setting up my own business in an entirely new industry. It is such a relief to know the way forward, and exciting to have the confidence to pursue a path which feels right. Jelena has been instrumental in guiding me towards this clarity, and I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Alexandra MBA, Senior Finance

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