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Coach Profile

Hayley Summers

Career Coach

Hayley is certified CTI Career and Life Coach with over a decade of experience across a diverse portfolio of sectors, including Property, Recruitment, Events, Music, Media and Entertainment.

Hayley completed her certification with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and has over 2.5 years of coaching experience. She combines her business acumen and training with her passion for people and their journey of development.

Hayley works with teams and individuals to unlock their creativity, what drives them, how they contribute by honouring their values as well as achieving goals, building resilience and managing stress. Together, they work to discover and build their impact and purpose in both their professional environment and personal lives. Her coaching is a unique experience for each individual to achieve their true potential. Hayley is extremely driven to implement real and positive change. She endeavours to help all of her clients cultivate a fearless working environment not just for themselves but the company culture as a whole.

Her coaching is designed to give each client an exceptional experience, allow them to delve deeper than they have gone before and to grow. Hayley’s purpose is to help others truly love themselves and their lives. She strives to serve and support her clients in their journey to a fulfilled and balanced life.


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