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Coach Profile

Bruna De Palo

Career Coach

After 20 years feeling unfulfilled in corporate life, Bruna has turned that poison into medicine specialising in career change, guiding you from finding out your mission to building a fulfilling career where you fully bring who you are into what you do.

Working for the biggest UK’s job-site specialising in non-profit roles, she’s been helping people move into charities, social enterprises and NGOs for years. Her passion is helping people to turn their careers into something they feel aligns with a greater purpose and makes a tangible impact that is a reflection of their values.

Bruna is also a great coach for those looking to develop their personal brand, develop charisma, public speaking and professional presence to get to that next career level or propel forward their freelance career and business.

She’s known for her contagious energy and her dynamic style that facilitates her clients to learn and grow!


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Career Change

Public Speaking

Clients From

Charities in UK and abroad

Financial services and law firms


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“The SEVEN coaching process has the right balance of accountability and understanding. I feel I have a clarity of purpose moving forward!”


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