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Coach Profile

Anamaría Acevedo

Career Coach

Anamaría is a driven achiever with high standards who, after a successful career as an architect, has found purpose from helping people improve their lives. She believes that the principles of excellent design extend to building a fulfilling life.

Anamaría has changed career herself, twice. As an architect she worked as a lead designer in residential, commercial and urban projects. She has set up a successful jewellery design and manufacturing businesses and runs her own coaching practice.

As an experienced Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC), Organisation & Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC), ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and NLP and mindfulness practitioner, with over 600 hours experience, Anamaría has helped hundreds of people around the world realise their potential and impactfully show up in the world.

Her passion is to help people discover who they truly really are, to distil their wants and desires and to find strategies to help them achieve their goals with confidence. She helps individuals and companies clarify their definition of success, maximise their potential and achieve sustainable/lasting results.

Anamaría’s coaching style is direct, honest and creative. She values authenticity, courage and humour and dedicates herself to increasing awareness and development for her clients.


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Angel Trains

Grimshaw Architect

Haymarket Media Group



Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC)

Organisation & Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC)

ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

NLP and mindfulness practitioner







“Anamaria helped me to fully realise a clear vision for my life and uncover things about myself that I’d buried. She is a warm, vibrant, and empathetic presence that made me so comfortable opening up to dive head first into discovering my true strengths and desires.”

Hannah Art Director


“Such an incredible experience working with SEVEN! I really got clear on my goals and how to skyrocket my lifestyle and business. If you really want to excel you have to invest in the highest mentors and Seven was exactly that. ”

Jeannie Director


“My coach has an amazing sense of humour, she is direct at times, supportive when needed but overall she has really inspired me to push to be a better person.”

Aarron Business + Operational Leadership


“Anamaria is exceptional at bringing out the authentic leader that lives within everyone. She was very quick to spot the patterns in my thinking and could see when I needed a supportive nudge, but wasn't afraid to give me a shake when I was getting in my own way.”

Finlay Commercial Leader


“Anamaria gave me the confidence to believe in myself again and has allowed me to understand myself, my values, what I want from my next career move and how to authentically sell-myself in interviews”

Claire P. Senior Product Manager

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