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Career Coaching on Skype

Online Career Coaching via Skype is as effective as in-person meetings. SEVEN’s team of dynamic Career and Executive Coaches work internationally with clients who travel and are based all over the world. The convenience of technology allows clients to work with the very best Coach for them without the limitations of geographical borders, not to mind saving your precious time and energy on travel.

Our clients choose to be career coached online via Skype because it is just so convenient:


  • Fitting your career coaching session into your day is just so much easier (as opposed to adding it on to your day)
  • Be career coached in the comfort of your own home/office
  • Save your time
  • Save your energy from additional travelling
  • Save your money
  • We also find it’s a much more focused way of delivering our career coaching programmes. Simply put, it excludes the small talk, the settling in first 5/10 minutes and maximises the full hour to make sure you get the best value for money.

Skype is 100% free.

To download Skype on your iPhone – simply go to your App Store. To download on your iPad, laptop or PC go here, it simply takes a few minutes.

To see how SEVEN Career Coaching can help you, book a free phone consultation to try coaching via Skype below:

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