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Get Your Career On Track
The 1 Day Workshop

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Kickstart your Career Change
Evening Course

October 2016

If you know you need a change, but just don’t know where to start or how to make it happen, then this 2-part intensive workshop is for you! Kickstarting chang

Designed from Evelyn’s 1-1 career change coaching with 100’s of her clients over 6 years of coaching, you will leave the day, motivated, focused, clear and confident with the tools to create a career that is satisfying for you and a fit to the life you want to live and who you are.

Make sure 2015 is the year you make that career change happen with our dynamic 1-day intensive workshop.

Whether you have a clear career direction in mind, or have no idea where to start, we will help you in 3 easy steps in a practical, focused and fun, interactive 1-day career coaching workshop.

“I got so much clarity and confidence from the day, I was all guns blazing after the Kickstart your Career Change workshop and felt really motivated to move myself forward and see many more possibilities.”

Marisa, 32, Actress & Teacher

“I felt really empowered that change is possible and can happen. I can do this. I thought the values exercise was great and really shed a lot of light for me. Definitely worth a Saturday and great value for money!”

Emma , 28,  Finance

The workshop will be led by the dynamic coaching duo, Executive Career Coach Ozlem Imil and Evelyn Cotter, Founder of SEVEN Career Coaching, both experts in career change coaching. We have divided the course into 2 convenient Monday evenings to cover:

1. Who am I?

• Get clear on who you are now; what success means to you, who you want to be and need to be in your career now and in the future.
• Look to the past to identify your talents and natural strengths; uncover what you really enjoy doing by clarifying your motivated skills and transferrable skills.
• Understand what drives you – through identifying your core values and learn how they inform all decisions you need to make in life to align with who you are and live a life and career you love.
Our Career Coaching Experts help you to bring all this information together in a structured and focused way and add it up to create your individual profile, essentially what boxes your ideal career ‘fit’ needs to tick, to achieve career satisfaction.

2. What would I really like to do?

Based on the above, we brainstorm ideas around what you could do, how to use what you have as leverage to move towards what you want and get the added bonus of your participants feedback on your ideas.

3. How can I make it happen?

We help you to know how to use the information you have just learnt to qualify which career paths are right for you and give you tools and expert career tips on how to navigate your path. We help you compile a step-by-step clear and strategic action plan, from researching your new career direction through to building your network and approaching job-hunting in a completely new way.

What you’ll get from the course:

• Increased confidence in your ability to create the career you want.
• An action plan on how to move forward practically.
• Powerful career coaching tools and exercises, before, during and for after the day.
• The tools to understand what to focus on.

As well as expert advice and tips on:
• Standout CVs,  Creatively approaching Organisations  &  Winning Interview Guidelines.

“For me, it was really enlightening to understand why things haven’t been working for me in my current role. It’s simply not a fit for me. That’s huge and took a load off. Now, I’m excited about the future again!”

James, 32, Consultant

Kickstart your Career Change
Evening Course

October 2016