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To learn more about what career coaching is and what we cover here at SEVEN Career Coaching, click through to the career coaching options below.

What is Career coaching at SEVEN? It is a uniquely-tailored holistic one-to-one service to support, guide and empower individuals to lead satisfying, fulfilling, best-suited careers.

Many clients come to us requiring a mix of career coaching, life coaching, interview coaching and may move on to executive coaching, it varies wildly from person to person. Many career coaching clients will come for 6 – 12 sessions and others will work with us in a long-term way through their careers. On your free career coaching phone consultation with your Coach, you can discuss your needs in more detail, and a bespoke coaching process will be designed for you.

These cover the most common reasons people use a Career Coach, but are not limited to.


1 to 1 Career Coaching at SEVEN includes:

icons_grey6Whether it’s exploring your current options, developing a career plan, preparing for a promotion, a change within your industry or a total career change, SEVEN CAREER CHANGE will help you clarify exactly what you want and help you get there.

icons_grey4SEVEN knows it can be lonely at the top, so we have designed our EXECUTIVE Coaching solution as an objective space, with 100% confidentiality guaranteed, to help you develop your skills & giving you expert support with SEVEN EXECUTIVE .

icons_grey5SEVEN PERFORMANCE, is a proven way to up your game and distinguish yourself, operating at your highest level. If you want to greatly enhance your personal effectiveness and stretch your capacity to perform at your best, choose SEVEN. 

icons_greyWhether you’re currently in a leading position or lining yourself up for a promotion, we’ve created the fantastic SEVEN COACHING FOR LEADERSHIP to help you strategically develop the core skills that create strong, charismatic leaders.


icons_grey3Learn the most effective tools on how to prioritise, how to skilfully manage scheduling and most importantly, how to feel good about your choices and stick to them. SEVEN BALANCE will support you in enhancing the quality of your life.


icons_grey2Whether you want to polish up your interview technique, create a stand-out CV or learn how the proactive secrets to successful job-hunting, we have several options including the SEVEN INTERVIEW programme, our CV Clinic and SEVEN Workshops