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Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

At SEVEN, we work with a vast range of clients from graduate to executive, across all industries and our aim is to have the best fitting Coach suited to each and every person who seeks career coaching. Having Career Coaches with different approaches is key to our mission and as a result, we have two who are registered practitioners in the MyersBriggs Type Indicator and can use this as an excellent basis for your career coaching and graduate career coaching journey. In many ways, it is an additional dimension to your career coaching and suits people who prefer a very structured, instructive approach.

Understanding work-place preferences, managing stress, reducing conflict, searching for suitable careers and improving team effectiveness are just a few of the many MBTI type-related applications that can be explored. Clients gain a deep understanding of their psychological type and behavioural preferences, and learn to apply this information to work in their favour, helping them to re-pave their career or business pathway towards success.

We find this approach suits those who prefer a very structured or even an academic way of working. With any of our MBTI packages, you receive an accredited MBTI questionnaire assessment, a personalised MBTI report, the MBTI Workbook and a copy of an introduction to Type and Careers.


We focus on the MBTI Personal Impact Assessment  – as it’s the most holistic and in-depth:

Which covers 8 key professional development areas:

• Your Work Style
• Your Communication Style
• Your Team Style
• Your Decision-Making Style
• Your Leadership Style
• Your Conflict Style
• How Stress Impacts you
• Your approach to change