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Coaching Prices + Costs

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At SEVEN – each and every client we work with comes with a different set of objectives, challenges and learning pace and style. As a result, we tailor your coaching programme to suit you. Depending on what you want to achieve from the coaching journey and how much time and energy you have to achieve this, the amount of sessions you will require will differ and what we cover in the programmes will vary to suit your needs. We also have a diverse range of coaching experts with varying degrees of experience and specialities, whom we expertly match to ensure you get the right support, know-how and expertise in achieving your goals.

Whatever your needs, whether it’s career change and some life coaching around confidence, or you’re looking to get promoted and also want to work on personal branding and leadership, we can tailor your coaching journey and individual sessions to cover the most relevant key areas to your goals.

Our 2 step consultation process is designed for you to discuss and clarify your coaching objectives and learn if you are a fit for SEVEN’s approach. If you fit our criteria as an individual who will get the maximum value from our approach, we then move you to our Deep Dive call to discuss your working style, work hours, resources, energy and finances into account, your home life / responsibilities and sense of urgency to ensure we give you the most realistic and practical recommendation to successfully achieve your objectives.

Our founder, Evelyn conducts the initial consultation and if you progress to work with us here at SEVEN, will expertly match you with our most relevant Coach based on your objectives and the information you have shared.

Results of career coaching naturally vary significantly depending on how much time you have available in between sessions to do your research, test new ideas, reflect etc., how committed you are to change and many other factors. Some of our clients have achieved a full career change in 6 sessions or less, many require 10 -12 to do this. For some of our clients, preparing a great new CV and prepping for interviews can take 4 – 6 sessions, other clients have come for 3 sessions and achieved their desired result.

Our coaching programmes also include email support between the sessions with your Coach, tailored coaching tools and exercises for each session, our Coaches are ‘hands-on’ in partnering with you to support you in achieving your goals, so will share leading edge expertise and industry knowledge with you, as relevant. We will also give you access to the WE ARE SEVEN community, coming soon and our new thought leadership webinar series SEVEN TALKSHOP with our team of experts, also coming soon.

We design your programme to allow for long-term coaching, working intensively or short-term coaching, again depending on your needs.

To assess if you are a fit for SEVEN’s coaching approach, we have a 2 part consultation process. Both conducted by phone, the first consultation call is an exploratory 15 minute call with our Client Manager, to assess your fit to get the maximum benefit and suitability for our coaching approach.

Our programmes work best for individuals high in self-awareness, emotional intelligence, who are ambitious and most importantly, ready to make changes, push out of their comfort zone, make a positive impact and immerse themselves in the coaching process. We only want to work with people who are ready, willing and open to make exciting  progress in their career and life!

If you are a fit, we then progress you to the Deep Dive call with one of our most experienced senior coaches, which is 30 minutes and where we learn more about you in-depth and discuss how our programme can be tailored to fit your career goals, challenges, personality and pace.

Our coaching programmes pricing start at £374+VAT a month, that’s 4 monthly payments or upfront at £1497 + VAT for graduates and junior professionals.

In order to get an idea of what the investment would be for you, it’s necessary to speak to one of our expert coaches in the Deep Dive call so we can make our recommendations around which programme, tailoring, time-frames and best specialist Coach required for your individual needs.

Spread the cost – monthly instalment plans available.

For upfront payments, we offer a 7% discount within 7 days of the Deep Dive call.

We also work out the most convenient payment plan to suit your needs, instalment plans use the secure payment system Stripe and have an additional 2.9% admin fee.

If you want to find out if you’re a fit for our approach, please email Ellie at [email protected] and include your LinkedIN link, type of coaching required, reason for coaching. Once we understand your fit, we can then talk you through our pricing, payment options and expertly recommend the best programme for you.

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