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How to develop true Leadership Edge: Communication

In the 2nd part of this series I wrote about Authentic Leadership. I stressed the importance of being sufficiently self-aware to understand who you really are as a leader. Today we’re going to explore how you might want to communicate as an authentic leader. SEVEN Powerful Questions to clarify your vision as a Leader [...]

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The Underestimated Skills many Results-Driven Folk Miss!

The secret weapon to career success is not talent or work ethic, it’s not even network or connections or education. People skills, or as is most popularly termed now, soft-skills in our work and lives are the supportive behaviours, that act almost like a conduit through which our talent, expertise, knowledge and ability can flow and [...]

Create a Standout CV: Tips from the Pro’s

CV’s at their most effective, serve as a compelling marketing document, selling who you are professionally and what you can do. At their most basic, they are a chronological report of what you have done, telling not selling. To standout, you’ve got to sell. To sell, you’ve got to get clear on who you are, what [...]

The Strongest Start any Graduate Can Have!

We are excited in the lead up to the launch of our specially tailored new range of graduate career coaching packages, covering everything from career direction, interview skills coaching, CV writing, understanding suitability, personal branding and more. Whether you or your loved one is a recent or new graduate from a degree, MA, PhD, MBA, [...]

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