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Case Study

Recently Graduated and Feeling Lost?


Like many recent graduates, Anthea finished her studies feeling lost, with no clear direction and lacking in confidence.

She had a lot of unanswered questions. What did she want from her life? How did she want her career to look? What did she want from a work place? With the support of her coach Anthea identified her natural strengths and explored where they might lead her.

‘After every session my confidence grew and I began to feel more sure about what I wanted to do.’

With a clear vision of her career and an action plan to make it happen Anthea and her coach prepared for every step of the interview process. She transformed from a self-confessed ‘ball of nerves’ to scoring a role as a graduate administrator for a global law firm!

Anthea is confident coaching is the best way to kick start your career. Book in here to invest in yourself.

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