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Interview Tips from the PROs 1

Springtime signals new beginnings and the same is true of the job market at this time, with a new financial year starting and new business budgets, there’s job opportunities in abundance, putting many people into interview mode. Evelyn is our resident interview expert and takes great satisfaction in helping clients prepare to stand out for all the right reasons.

Merging her coaching expertise and experience in marketing, sales and journalism, Evelyn delivers highly tailored and industry specific interview coaching technique. Ranging from helping client’s to craft their story, use tips to give the best structured and most compelling answers, build rapport and present with confidence, whatever the industry, role or level.
Evelyn has planned a series of interview coaching articles over the next 2 weeks, so keep posted for more interview tips. Tomorrow, Evelyn will give tips on how to use interview tips from politicians and structure perfect answers every time.

1. Show don’t tell.
Give examples, don’t state what you are or are capable of, show it through your relevant experiences, way of thinking, ideas, interests, questions and future objectives and let the interviewers decide for themselves.

2. Use numbers.
Quantify your examples, budgets £££, time-frames, the size of the teams, companies, projects you worked on. Numbers communicate commercial awareness and quickly contextualise your level of responsibility, ability and experience.

3. Know who’s interviewing you.
Find commonalities, shared interests, experiences and don’t be afraid to name drop a project or deal that interested you or is relevant, that they worked on.

4. Mirror the language in the job spec and company website.
Research current lingo and industry buzz words, read the company website and note the language used, as with the job spec. By using it at interview, you sound like you’re already working in that space or company. Mirroring works, because people feel comfortable with those like themselves.

5. Don’t be afraid to show your passion.
So many clients are almost afraid to show that they really want the job or that showing passion is somehow unprofessional.

6. People buy into people.
Focus on building rapport, be warm and personable, as you’re more likely to be memorable. People help people they like.

7. Know your USPs.
Unique selling points are what make you stand-out from the competition, your differences are often assets, that you need to find an angle on and connect the value they bring to the role.

8. Be at your best on the day of an interview.
Go for a run, meditate, take the day off if you can. For best results, try to avoid scheduling an interview straight after work, do your best to get a morning slot if that’s when you’re at your best or a lunchtime slot if not.

If you’ve got a big interview coming up, we offer 2 1-1 interview coaching packages compiled of industry, company and role specific questioning and tailored answer crafting. Book your phone consultation to speak with Evelyn and discuss your needs and find out what would work best for you.

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