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How to Approach a Career Change

According to career change statistics, the average person will change career five to seven times during their working life. Whether your career goals have shifted, your values have changed or you’re just ready to try something new, navigating a career change can be a daunting prospect. Here are some expert tips on what to consider when embarking on a career change, and how to secure your first job in your chosen profession.

Understand your motives.

The first things to consider when planning a career change is why you want to make it and why now’s the best time to do it. “Timing is everything, because it takes commitment, energy, focus and dedication to make a successful move and you need to be 100% ready to commit yourself to this process,” explains Evelyn Cotter, founder of career coaching company SEVEN.

Andy Mountney, founder of Aspen In-house recruitment agency, agrees. He believes it’s also worth reflecting on what you may be giving up. Cautioning against pursuing a career change in order to escape from your current situation, he adds: “Consider what you are getting out of [the move]…will it fulfill you in terms of job, life and earnings?”

John Lees, a careers expert and the author of Knockout Interview adds that it’s important to be positive about your reason for change. “No employer wants to hear that you want a new role because you hate your old one,” he says.

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Written by By Holly O’Mahony.

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