How to be more creative!

Creative can be substituted for…successful, happy, balanced, healthy, inspired, inspiring, innovative, fresh, whole’ etc. Creativity benefits every aspect of life, your performance at work, you business, your interpersonal skills, being a more interesting conversationalist, the list goes on. Creativity cannot be separated from life and work. Here’s 29 ways to be more creative and stay that way.

It’s funny looking at the themes through the 29 ways to stay creative video, many are around novelty, new experiences, new places, taking risks. Keeping it switched up, keeps us switched on, fresh and moving forward, exploring the new.


What a great little video.

Our top picks are:

  • Allowing ourselves to make mistakes
  • Have FUN
  • Go somewhere new
  • Try free writing
  • Take breaks
  • Collaborate
  • Break the rules
  • Finish Something
  • MEDITATE daily for 20 minutes (not in the video)


Video courtesy of TO-FU:

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