Happy New Year from all of us at SEVEN!


2015 is here! We love a New Year at SEVEN HQ! New energy, new focus and hopefully everyone’s rejuvenated after a long Christmas break of eating and sleeping! We spent most of our time snowboarding in the very beautiful Meribel, France, so did extra eating for good measure!

Whatever your goals are for 2015, putting some clear shape around them and creating a system that supports you in achieving those goals is the only way to guarantee your success. We thought it would be valuable to you to run a series of articles across January, where we’ll be sharing our top coaching, success and productivity tips to ensure success is yours in 2015! So stay tuned!

We have so much planned for 2015, it’s very exciting and soon we’ll announce much more. Something I can divulge right now, is that we will shortly have our own in-house SEVEN image coach, a fabulous Italian lady Veronica with a natural flair for style, who will be working with our clients to coach them on dressing for success, leadership and presenting themselves in a way to help maximise their potential and anchor their new career direction, mindset and self-image in a very physical way.

We’ll continue with our ‘Kickstart your Career Change’ 1-day intensive workshop series, with our next one being on January 31st in Shoreditch, for more information click on the image below, to register your spot, click on the button. We do limit it to 12 spaces per workshop, so do ensure you get your spot.




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