Shake off those seasonal blues! Tips to survive Seasonal Affective Disorder!

Longer days, getting up in the dark, going home in the dark, wet and grey means SAD is a reality for many! At least 25% of the population in the UK and the USA are reported to suffer from some degree of seasonal affective disorder.

Women tend to be much more sensitive and when I think of my 5 closest female friends, 4 out of the 5 100% suffer from it, as do I. Here’s our tried and tested survival guide to Winter time!



Get at least a half an hour of daylight a day – go for a walk at lunchtime, just get out.


5HTP dietary supplements – So many of our clients, coaches, colleagues take these from mid October on! Take one before bed on an empty stomach and you’ll sleep like a baby, for some people, taking another in the morning after a week or so, is the right amount, for others one is enough.  Reduce anxiety, stress and feel calm, positive. Buy Love Life HERE


Exercise produces serotonin, endorphins, confidence, feelings of empowerment, is fantastically brain-clearing and promotes good sleep quality.

Daily meditation

20 minutes daily – ideally, before you start your day and before you go to sleep – also improves sleep quality. Group meditation is a great way to start or guided mediation here.


Get out and about, connect, engage, laugh – plan to avoid any holes or find it easier to stay indoors.


Limit TV watching (to an hour a night)

Ok Masterchef Professionals and The Apprentice is an attractive evening in to many, but too much TV is draining and you’re wasting your life, watching other people living theirs.

Bikram yoga 

 The heat is rejuvenating, regenerating and for any of you who loathe the cold, it heats you up from the inside out. Studios all over London. One of our favourite Bikram Yoga studios is here. Or get into the Sauna in your local gym!

Angel Sunbed  

Slightly controversial, but if you really need it, sometimes, the 20 mins of a Sun Angel – set perfectly to your individual skin type, can set you up for a week!


Quality Sleep

Sleep is key, it’s when we produce serotonin.


Having a routine, bringing your gym bag to work, alleviates the choice and effort. Positively trap yourself!


Get that calendar going and plan a few weekends ahead.

Fun-time mid-week

A fun Wednesday or Tuesday night can life your week and colour your life – do something quirky or different – Swing classes, African Drumming, try a new Pop-up.

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