Be an opportunity-maker! A TED Talk we love by Kate Anderson

Being an opportunity-maker, whether you’re looking to change career or not, really aligns with our whole coaching ethos here at SEVEN.

‘Connecting’ with others creates opportunity. Forgetting ‘networking’ and all it’s negative connotations, the ‘get to know’ to ‘get’ attitude and connecting with people around a shared interest provides unknown opportunity now and long into the future. Thanks to Kate Anderson for bringing this perfectly back to our attention.

Kate Anderson says that opportunity makers keep honing their top string, they become pattern-seekers, they get involved in worlds unlike their own (this seems to be the biggest difference between most people and the true leaders in this area) and they connect with others through their sweet spot of shared interests. It’s so much easier to genuinely connect with people when you have something in common that is authentic.

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