Entrepreneurial thinking and changing career.

When experts say that a whopping 75% of jobs are not advertised, searching through advertised positions, wading through job boards and applying through recruiters, seems like a massive waste of your valuable time! No wonder so many people find traditional job-hunting, an utterly thankless and soul-destroying experience.


Entrepreneur thinking headThe old landscape of work and job hunting has been changing rapidly over the past 10 years and many of the traditional rules, no longer apply. The newly emerging world of work is very different to what we’ve known, as a result of the internet, the start-ups culture and how business is developing, there is a real move away from large corporations and old-world institutions. No surprises then, that traditional job-hunting is almost dead! And your career will follow, if that’s your only approach.

Many very successful people in any time gone by, probably used networking and strategic networking to land themselves career opportunities, this is nothing new, but, it was either a natural talent or an instinct that a rare few had, or people born into certain networks, went to certain schools and universities. The fantastic thing now, is anyone can apply this and create opportunities for themselves with the right attitude and tools. Now, it needs to be your primary way of developing your career, whether that’s within your organisation or outside of it, whether you work for yourself or not.

We help all our career coaching clients to develop a ‘business development’ type approach when looking for new opportunities and approaching job-hunting as more of a showcase in ‘how I can add value to your business’. Entrepreneurial thinking is crucial to the successful navigation of a new career and the process of changing career.

Approach job-hunting like you would do your job!
  • Be Pro-Active
  • Be Forward
  • Ask Questions
  • Be specific – focus in on companies and sectors you resonate with.
  • Think Business – Act & Think strategically.
  • Understand what your potential employer wants most from you – Results? Leadership?
  • Focus on the value you can add and the positive potential you could make to that business specifically.
  • Show don’t tell. Your approach is the best showcase you can make of what you can offer and your entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Do your research, understand that company, the industry, future trends and identify gaps.
  • Speak to people, learn, network.
  • Make business cases / suggestions on how you would improve things and find opportunities to present them.

In their book ‘The Start-Up of You’, Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha talk about the need for each of us to adopt an entrepreneurial mindset to successfully navigate the new career landscape.

Entrepreneurial thinking goes hand in hand with changing career successfully.

If you want more specific tips on how to use an entrepreneurial mindset in your career change or in finding a new career opportunity, get in contact with one of our career coaches today.
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