Wrong turns, mistakes & failure are key to you finding the right career!

Failure is undoubtedly of much more value to you and I, than any success. You learn infinitely more from the pain of failure, as a result it is usually a much faster way to learn and integral to both your professional and personal development. Understanding your failures can also be key in helping you find the right career. The best motivation to succeed in future, is 100% past failure!

Failure = not just a learning opportunity, but a big learning opportunity. Failure = leaps, as opposed to steps, in development, awareness and knowledge. Failure = learning faster. Armed with the learning value from failure, you are a better, more developed all round person and professional. It’s not always the easiest thing to embrace, but if you can turn around your thoughts on your own failure, extract the key learnings from them, you can maximise the opportunity and accelerate along your path.

If you can see the value from your failures, if you can understand why it’s been of benefit and how it could be of benefit in the future, you suddenly change your whole way of looking at your failures and how you feel about it. This is key! Most entrepreneurs fail at least 3 times before they have a successful business and many writers, like Enid Blyton, embraced their rejection letters and saw each rejection or failure, as one step closer to success!

As a Career Coach, my greatest source of motivation to help people succeed and create careers and lives my clients love, is having gone through the experience of feeling lost, frustrated and unfulfilled myself and for years, feeling a constant low-level sense of failure, because I couldn’t find my way! It helps me empathise with people deeply, connect instantly and also, develop practical tools and programmes that really work, because I’ve been there and I get the urgency, I get the panic, I get the fear, I get the confusion and battered confidence! Personal and career failure for me, has been the key to my business success!

Extracting the value from your failures:
  • Write down on the top of a big blank piece of paper – exactly what this or each failure was.
  • Ask yourself -what did I learn? Find as many points here as possible.
  • What would I do differently now?
  • What did it clarify for me both personally and professionally?
  • How did I or could I have or can I overcome it? Come up with as many points as possible.
  • Find at least 3 examples of other people who’ve had similar failures and look at how they overcame it – what did they do, how did they view it afterwards. What was the value in it for them.
  • How can this help me in the future?
  • Why am I better for this experience? Find 3 points.

Here’s some great inspirational TED talks from authors J K Rowling, Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love fame and economist Larry Smith, to help you turn your mindset around and value the failure in your life and use it, to move yourself forward and appreciate how much more developed and rounded you are, as a result!




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