How boosting your creativity can help you open up personally & professionally.

Julia Cameron’s book ‘The Artist’s Way’ is a book I must confess I have yet to read. My Father bought it many many years ago and it’s floated around the book shelves of the family home for years, maybe dipped into very superficially, but was never read by me.

Interestingly, it’s something that has popped up again and again and most recently, a fabulously creative client of mine, relayed how beneficial he found using the processes in this book and in doing the daily ritual of ‘the morning pages’.

You are creative, Everyone is!

I love Julia Cameron’s attitude that ‘everyone is creative’, I also find that, working with so many people, everyone creates on different levels, in different ways, but everyone can and does create. Our socially conditioned definition of what being ‘creative’ means, is usually the only obstacle to people believing this about themselves and maximising the great potential that being ‘creative’ can mean.

I coach people who are gifted business people, who are entrepreneurial and I would consider some of the most creative thinkers I have ever met. Many people with great interpersonal and communication skills are creative and typically problem-solvers, lean heavily on creativity as a resource to uncover new ways of doing things.

I’ve included Julia Cameron’s videos below explaining the concept of ‘the morning pages’ exercise and the ‘creative date’ exercise, which can benefit you, regardless of whether you want to be more creative in the traditional sense, or more productive and open professionally or personally.

I think embracing the idea of the ‘creative date’ is fantastic. Boosting your creativity is such a fantastic way to develop yourself personally and professionally. Keeping ourselves engaged, learning and challenging ourselves with new experiences or viewpoints on a weekly basis, is so beneficial to our confidence, our perspective, not to mind developing our resources and keeping our minds sharp and our appetite for novelty and growth satisfied and alive. Being creative is a way of being, maintaining mental flexibility and agility, openness to possibilities, having the confidence to think or try something new, asking questions. The benefits are endless, without ever having to mention the word ‘art’ or ‘paint’.

My top 7 most creative people (and not a paintbrush in sight):



Thanks to Julia Cameron for the videos.

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