How to prepare for an interview! Power poses & fighting talk!

This is about giving you the interviewing edge! We aren’t talking about researching the company you’re interviewing at, or checking out your potential managers on LinkedIN, or what the future trends are likely to be for that industry, that’s all way too obvious! Of course you do that. What we recommend for all our career coaching clients, in addition to all that, is these 4 simple but powerful tips for interview success!

1. Power pose!

79% of communication is non-verbal! So what you’re saying, is only 22% or less of what’s being communicated. Research shows that testosterone raises by 20% from adopting a high power pose before entering a stressful situation! Cortisol, the stress hormone also reduces by 25% from 2 minutes of power posing. So your physiology literally changes from how you stand and hold your body.

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy shows how “power posing” — standing in a posture of confidence, even when we don’t feel confident — can affect testosterone and cortisol levels in the brain, and might even have an impact on our chances for success.  Here’s her TED Talk all about it:

TIP: My suggestion is do 2 mins of power posing in the bathroom, before you go into the interview. Adopt the Superman pose for 2 minutes before you go into the interview. Hands on hips, legs spread wide apart. Essentially, a power pose is when you take up as much space as possible with your body. The victory pose, hands up in the air, spread apart, is another great one!

2. Fighting talk

Self-talk is powerful! From the moment you get the interview confirmation, start talking to yourself each and every day about how great your performance is going to be, how successful and at ease and at your best, you’re going to be in that interview. Say supportive things to yourself, the evening before and the morning of the interview. If you find it a challenge, write down positive thoughts and stick them up somewhere you can read them every day!

Find the top 5 greatest achievements of your life, and remind yourself of those, the skills involved, people’s positive feedback about you, how much value your input had in those situations! And keep reminding yourself of those.

Think of a great athlete preparing for a game, they completely focus on the outcome they want and everything they say to themselves is focused on that outcome, nothing else gets in their way!

3. Work-out  or go for a run before your interview.

Post-workout endorphins are just such a game changer, you’re more relaxed, you’re more connected to your body, much more in the moment and even more attractive. Studies show, those candidates viewed as attractive, get offered more jobs and more money!

4. Deep Breathe.

Before and during, remember to deep breath. It’s so simple, but when we get nervous, our breathing usually speeds up and it’s very easy to forget.

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