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Here’s some recent client feedback from 2 women, Evelyn recently finished working with on a one-to-one career coaching basis. One woman is 27, in advertising and the other 29 in finance, it’s entirely in their own words:What was gained from the coaching experience:

 I gained a clearer view on my career path and achievements until today including current skills, strengths and weaknesses. It was very constructive looking into what I like/dislike of my current profession and what changes I’d like to implement. It gave me a new approach on what I could do and would like to do that I never considered before or thought was even possible
Enriching and very useful, a process through which you discover more about yourself and improve not only on a career level but in approaching your general everyday life.
Money well spent! Anyone who feels stuck in his/her career or simply desire to get to his/herself better should do it. Whether you are looking for a change or not it can be anyway beneficial to improve your confidence, face challenges with a better approach, make better plans for the future.

On Evelyn’s Coaching Style:


  • Effective
  • Friendly
  • Transparent
  • Positive
Evelyn’s positiveness and professionalism in her way of working, a sincere enthusiasm in her job which really makes the process effective as well as fun, her desire of helping you achieve the best from the sessions in a smooth way while always keeping an open minded yet honest approach.
Professionalism combined with a very friendly and warm approach.
Experience gained in the profession as a career coach but also her personal experience as an example of someone who’s also been there
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