Got a case of a the Sunday night blues? A few points to help you.

79% of adults experience the Sunday Night Blues, for many, it can simply be about the switch from ‘your’ pace, to your faster ‘work’ pace, for others, it’s more about not being in the right job fit, company fit for them. Here are a few tips to help you.

1. Recognise it for what it is.

Are you in the wrong job? Wrong company? Or are you just dreading going from a slower pace back up to full pace. Have you had quality time doing the things you enjoy doing to recharge before you hit a new week? If you are in the wrong job- get honest and chart your next steps or possibilities.

2. If you haven’t made the quality time for yourself or your interests

Make a list of the things you enjoy doing and recharge your batteries and commit to building them into next weekend’s or your week’s schedule.

3. Change your habits

Get organised for the week ahead if you’re usually not. Do something different on a Sunday evening. If you usually come home late on a Sunday, come home earlier and give yourself time to get organised or have some downtime.

4. Be dynamic in your schedule

If you have a very stressful, fast paced week, go easy on yourself after work. If it’s a relaxed week, plan to go see that exhibition you’ve been meaning to, or go to your local Pub Quiz.


Plan something fun for next weekend, so you’ve got your focus. If it’s a relaxed week, switch up your routine, do something fun on Tuesday or Wednesday evening or lunch-time – even just going to a cool new bar or meeting a fun friend can help lift your week


Ccycle to work instead of getting the tube. Maybe switch up your exercise routine, like doing a new class at the gym, like RAVE and switch things up.

7. Read or meditate

Before you go to sleep – winding down is so important to your quality of sleep. Research shows that most successful people either read or meditate before bed.

8. Maximise the time when you’re not working

Lunch times, after work. Don’t, for instance, spend most of your week nights sitting on the couch watching TV. Do, go for that run, conquer a new recipe, read some of your book or catch up with a friend.

Some routine is good – so have your Sunday night routine to help you make your week go smoother – all routine, is uninspiring, so switch up what you can to keep you engaged.

If you think speaking to a Career Coach can help you find more balance, explore your career opportunities or make a change – feel free to book your phone consultation with our Career Coaches today.


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