20/20 Vision and finding Career Direction

One of the most common questions people ask on the free career coaching phone consultation call we do is ‘How exactly can you help me to find the right career direction?’ Considering, by the time most people call a Career Coach they are at a career Cul de Sac and more confused than anything else, it’s a great question. What people are really asking is, ‘if I couldn’t find what’s the best career direction for me, how are you going to?’ What has this got to do with 20/20 vision I hear you ask? Allow me…

Most people coming to a Career Coach, may have read a few Career books, applied for lots of different jobs, spoke to their friends, family, partners, usually a lot and done as much as they can to find the answers for themselves. Often times, people tend to be in a state of overwhelm, exhausted, fed up and understandibly lacking in hope, feeling they have failed. So what they see is through this filter.  But even more important, they’ve begun trying to find the answers, before checking whether their equipment is helpful or hindering. Most often, our own subjectivity is the biggest hinderance of all.

Blind spots

Sometimes, the answers are staring us right in the face! No one likes hearing it, but it is true in one way and completely untrue in the other. When you think, if you’re blinded by fear, stress, the past, uncertainty, your own limiting beliefs, how can you see? Usually, we’re so ‘in’ our situations, how we’re thinking is so engrained with what we’ve done in the past, who we think we are or what we believe to be true about us,  we actually might as well be blind. 

What career coaching does, is firstly, help people to see. 

To see again, to see in a whole new way, to see with 20 20 vision, maybe for the first time, seeing themselves and their future with clarity, hope and confidence.

It always amazes me, that the very same person I meet in session 1, standing in the same physical place, job, relationship etc. can be in such a different place by session 3 /4, with nothing having changed, but in their own mind, with ‘how’ they see changing ‘what’ they see. It’s only once we see with fuller vision, can we really begin to move forward. But the power is in the seeing.

Changing perspective with well-proven coaching tools

At SEVEN Career Coaching, we use a well-proven (I’ve been coaching people in finding career direction for just over 5 years) course of career coaching and life coaching tools and exercises to help our clients change perspectives and open themselves up to the possibilities that are, well… staring them in the face. As well, as the coaching process itself, providing the client with an objective, agenda-free space to really get honest with themselves, have the support to try new things, strengthen their new confidence and ideas, in a non-judgemental space, gives clients the ability to transform their lives and careers.

If any of this resonates with you, we would love to hear from you. Book a no-obligation phone consultation with a Career Coach today and see how career coaching can help you.


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SEVEN Founder, Evelyn Cotter, London.