How to boost your Creative Productivity

Creative productivity is about working smarter not harder, it’s not as much about what you do, as opposed to how you do it. The success to being productive or even prolific is about understanding the why and how before you do a thing!

Over the years, I have worked with many creatives and career-shifters who need to work smart, get a lot more done in a lot less time and change their behaviours to make their goals a reality. Being productive creatively or otherwise, takes a change in mindset, behaviour and discipline. If you’re serious about boosting your productivity, this is the way to do it.

  • Meditate daily – 15 mins
  • Exercise daily (or 5 times a week) – vigorously
  • Be as active as you can – cycle to work or at the weekends.
  • Do other creative stuff that you enjoy – painting/cooking
  • Create and maintain boundaries around the work, physically, mentally, time wise etc. – discipline around when you do things keeps it fresh and fun
  • Gadget free-time – when you’re working, just work and 100% focus
  • Work routine – rituals
  • Write down your goals, tick off your lists, make it tangible
  • Give yourself deadlines, make them real by sharing them so you stick to them
  • Confront your excuses, call yourself out on them and go beyond – victims aren’t prolific
  • Create big goals that excite you
  • Make yourself accountable, or find someone to be accountable to with weekly check-ins – this is where a good Career Coach or Life Coach comes in.
  • Use calendars, apps, diaries, reminders on your gadgets to keep you in line.
  • Inspiration – practical and creative – read and seek out autobiographies of people you admire, study their performance, how do they work.
  • Quantify and decide what you minimum and maximum output is per week, per month etc.
  • Daily check-in – see how your day to day lines up with your big goals.
  • Ask yourself frequently – what am i doing to support myself? what one thing am I doing that is holding me back? What one thing could I start doing that would make a big impact on my results? There are ALWAYS things we could stop or start, to accelerate our progress.
  • The rule of 3 – for those with a short attention span or just to keep things fresh and fun, I swear by the rule of 3. I only always read 3 books, have 3 projects on the go. You get bored or frustrated with one, you move on, and so on.
  • Develop your conviction – you’re truly the only one that can make this happen, keep yourself on track, dig deep and know that this is between you and you, no one else.

Of course, nothing is as effective in developing and implementing a new approach to boost your productivity and work with your goals, speak to one of our Career Coaches today to discuss how we can help you.


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