10 questions to kickstart finding the career that’s right for you!

  1. What do you want to work mainly with? Things, people, information or concepts?
  2. What are your career drivers? Do you want to change the world, help the world, sell the world or catalogue the world?
  3. How much independence do you want to have about the way you work and make decisions? Is self-employment attractive to you?
  4. Look for organisations that reflect your feelings about rules. Are you happier working within a clear set of guidelines, or in a completely open-ended way? Do a top 10 list and note the themes through your list.
  5. What activities, products or ideas seem meaningful to you?
  6. What kind of work have you chosen to do, either in your leisure time or as a volunteer? Could this be a direction for your best work?
  7. What kind of companies or products reflect your personal beliefs about life, other people, spirituality, the planet, etc.?
  8. Look at the skills you really enjoy using, when you are impossible to distract and rarely bored. Where could you use them?
  9. What subjects really interest you? How can you translate your interests into fields of work?
  10. Ask. Talk to the people you know, you meet at parties, at the gym about the jobs they do. It’s amazing what this simple action can lead to.

The answers to these questions should give you a good basis from which to start exploring.

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