9 sentences that may just lead to your ideal career!

So often new career coaching clients come to us, overwhelmed by choice, lack of direction, lacking in confidence and feeling beaten up and down, so much so that they truly believe that to find their ideal career is out of reach, almost impossible.

The truth is, this stuff isn’t that complicated, once you know where to look and have the patience and commitment to see it through. It’s really just all about one thing, your perspective! Your view at any one time is a mere fraction of  the 360 degrees viewpoint of the fullness of your skills, talents and opportunities around you. That’s what the early stages of Career Coaching is all about, helping you to see yourself and your situation differently and fully. The only movement needed is in your mind’s view.

What’s so interesting is that when you’re in a job that doesn’t fit you or in a company you’re not a fit for, where your talents and preferred skill-set are not being utilised fully, you’re feeling frustrated, you’ve got to use more energy to and susceptible to more stress, you’re just existing, it is pretty much impossible to find your ideal career. Until, you start shaking things up, start seeing yourself in various new lights, understanding why things aren’t a fit and get a solid understanding of what your fit would look like, the results of any efforts you take without the objectivity and expertise of a Career Coach, or some big transformational change on your part, will only be, can only be, as skewed as the mindset that’s keeping you there.

I came across this on Forbes.com and I think it’s a great start to get yourself moving. I would also suggest sharing this with a friend or two or your partner, just to get another perspective again.

Fill in the blanks:

  1. If I could choose one friend to trade jobs with, I’d choose ____________, because ____________.
  2. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to do ____________. It’s interesting to me because ____________.
  3. If I had the right education or skill set, I’d definitely try ____________, because ____________.
  4. If I had to go back to school tomorrow, I’d major in ____________, because ____________.
  5. My co-workers and friends always say I’m great at ____________, because ____________.
  6. The thing I love most about my current job is ____________, because ____________.
  7. If my boss would let me, I’d do more of ____________, because ____________.
  8. If I had a free Saturday that had to be spent “working” on something, I’d choose ____________, because ____________.
  9. When I retire, I want to be known for ____________, because ____________.

Note what the recurring themes are and what feels most of interest to you and start researching the possibilities!

I came across this on Forbes.com, which is a fantastic resource for leadership and all things career. So thanks to Adrian Granzella Larssen, Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Muse for this great exercise.

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