How to know if Career Coaching is right for you!

We get many client enquiries each and every day here at SEVEN and often times, individuals themselves may not be in the best place or indeed the best fit to get the maximum benefits from career coaching. Career Coaching is not career guidance counselling. It is a dynamic, co-active tool for personal development and self-discovery, used to focus in on what will bring you the most satisfying and fulfilling work life. Here is a helpful checklist to see if you’re suitable to get the most out of working with a Career Coach.

You will benefit if you’re…

  • Bright, positive and motivated to make a change
  • Not sure what you really want to do next
  • Or have a direction but need support or help to achieve it
  • Currently working or not long out of the workplace
  • Open to understanding that the answer to your new career is not going to come to you on a plate (though of course we’re going to do everything we can to kick-start the process for you and help you strategically along)
  • Ready to look at yourself and your skills/experience in new ways
  • Take some risks in how you approach job-finding
  • Ready to have fun with and enjoy the process
  • Committed to seeing it through
  • Ready to be 100% honest with yourself and your Coach

If you’re ready:

Book your complementary consultation and speak to one of our coaches about how you can move forward today.


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SEVEN Founder, Evelyn Cotter, London.