Self-discovery v.s psychometric testing – A gold mine awaits through career coaching.

A new career coaching client I had a phone consultation with this morning, one of our many on the usual Monday, asked a great question. Something we get asked a lot and something I thought made for quite an interesting subject to speak about here. It also shows an integral part of our approach here at SEVEN and is something we’ve not covered directly, so let’s do it today.

We are regularly asked by new clients if we conduct psychometric testing or personality testing to help in the achievement of clarity and direction.

The simple answer is ‘No we don’t’ and there’s a very good reason for that.


We have found through our 5 years in career coaching many individuals, that people benefit far more from learning about themselves and discovering their own answers, learning to trust their own instincts and feel their way towards the direction right for them, than from ticking a few boxes and having the answers spat out of a computer or indeed a consultant. The research shows, that being handed the answers doesn’t and can’t have the same transformative effects that uncovering those answers has.

The value isn’t just in the answers found, it may be a cliche, but it’s mostly in the journey, through what we learn by the finding. Most people who come for career coaching can’t hear themselves anymore, don’t feel their feelings and are numb to who they really are and the role they want to play in the greater game of their life. Sounds grandiose, sure it does.

One of the best things I ever learnt through coaching people, is ‘YOU are the best and only expert on YOU!’ and if you don’t feel like it, become that expert! As a Coach, I see my role as an expert guide and sounding board of you, you’re the question, you’re the path and you’re the answer, I’m somewhat the co-navigator.

In taking this journey, it’s helps us learn to listen again, to ourselves, to what we want, to trust ourselves, to really appreciate the value in where we are, what we’ve done and how that can play a part in the future we want. We develop by becoming the learning, we develop by moving into that new place that we discover and can’t possibly stay the same as a result. It really is like mining for gold!

I’ve experienced psychometric testing in many corporate situations and personally have taken them, as well as been given them as a coaching tool. While they may have some value in certain situations, in a direction capacity, it doesn’t give the individual clarity, it doesn’t instil confidence in the person to move forward in a new direction, to trust themselves and it doesn’t give the individual true focus. In our findings, it’s somewhat superficial in it’s effect.

For true change and life satisfaction, we must get to know ourselves better, take a different view of who we are or where we’re at and figure out what role we want to play in the grander picture.

Career coaching is a great place to start, it uses self-discovery to bring you through to clear tangible results and direction with strategic action.

We’re also big fans of hypnotherapy here at SEVEN and of course, there’s as many routes to take as people on the planet, so whatever you’re looking for, there’s definitely a style to suit you out there.

If you want to learn more about how to you can get clearer on your career path or have an interest in how SEVEN Career Coaching can help you Book your free phone consultation here today and talk directly to us about your career.


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