The No. 1 Secret to Career Success!

It seems a tall order to pin down only 1 secret to determine career success, but I’m confident this is it! We see clients every day who want to change careers, accelerate their career development, want more work/life balance, to improve their work satisfaction levels and this is, again and again, the common key to achieving it all.

Results-focused, Future-focused

Our whole lives are based on results; what we achieve, what we gain and what we can become! From kindergarten on, we’re results getting machines! Goals, targets, results is what we’re all working toward economically, culturally, socially, organisationally, individually. Improvement is the name of the game. Most of us, ‘keep ourselves going’ at one stage or another, by reminding ourselves of the end result, of what we are working toward. Our focus on the future, is almost a numbing technique to escape the now.

When, then.

Ever felt that the actual  journey TO the result, is happening to someone else? It’s going so fast and you have so much to do and the result is all that’s in mind, you can barely remember the ‘getting there’ part, I’ll admit to that. The idea that, suffering now will pay off, when, when, when we get what we want and then, then, then, we will finally be ‘happy’. Being future-focused, results-driven, goal oriented – your future looks great, how are you enjoying your present?

Bringing us on to the No. 1 Secret to Career (&Life) Success!

The successful people we’ve had the pleasure of studying and working with ALWAYS have the one same thing in common:

They enjoy the PROCESS! The part where they’re working TOWARDS their goal! In fact, they are process-driven, doing the things they love to do, for the sake of it!

So finding what you love to do for the sake of doing it and loving what you do, as you’re doing it are the keys to cultivating this approach.

Warren Buffett knows best!

Warren Buffett has said “We enjoy the process far more than the proceeds.” I read the fantastic The Snowball about Warren and he just loves the thrill of seeing how much he can acquire, how far he can go, how clever he can be, the means IS the end.

Same thing for top athletes and top performers across all areas, the process, for them, IS the fun part! Not the end result.

We see this all the time, it’s a real modern affliction. The saddest part about not enjoying the process, is that often we’re going so fast, that once we achieve one goal, we’re on to the next and don’t even take the time to enjoy and absorb that future that was going to make us so happy! It happens to us all, it’s a bit of anti-climax and so the hamster on the wheel feeling continues!

Ok, so how can you apply this to your life right now?

The key here is to introduce new ways of thinking and habits to encourage you to enjoy NOW more, enjoy the process and journey more. The quality of your engagement with the process will determine the quality of how much you enjoy the end result, so rushing around just for the end result, is most often a cheap, shallow type of accomplishment.

  • STOP
  • Start your day with a decision to really, FULLY allow yourself to enjoy 3 of your days activities – What can I enjoy today?
  • In the evening, take 15/20 minutes to write down what you enjoyed doing today.
  • Write down what you could take the time to enjoy more of tomorrow?
  • Take time, even just 5 minutes once you complete a task or a goal and just appreciate the accomplishment and yourself.
  • Use lists to write down what you’ve done that day and go through them slowly to fully absorb what you’ve done that day
  • Find more activities at work that you enjoy doing and do them, or brainstorm different or new ways you could enjoy doing duties or tasks in a more enjoyable way for you
  • Find a class or activity you can do every week, just for the PURE enjoyment of doing it (dance, drumming circles, singing, cooking)

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