The 7 truths about changing careers at 30, 40 or 50. Plus Podcast!

Changing careers is the path less taken. It takes courage, it takes honesty, it takes strength, but boy oh boy is it worth every single step on that journey to finding what you really love to do. It’s important to be honest about the reality of it and I’ve outlined the most common truths we experience with our career changing clients to give you the heads up.

Listen here: The 7 Truths of Changing Career

1. Discomfort will be part of it.

Deciding you are ready to leave your current role and or industry is or will be uncomfortable.  It’s a step into the unknown. It’s going against what you used to go with and all those around you. No gain without pain.

2. Other people WILL judge you.

Your partner, your colleagues, your friends, your family. Getting clearer about why you’re doing this will strengthen your conviction and resolve and win your partner and F&Fs round. If you’re doubtful and unsure, they will be. It’s your job to get sure, you’re doing the right thing for you, even if you don’t quite know what that is yet!

3. It’s a Process.

It usually, and for best results, involves exploring at the early stages and to be done effectively this takes time. It’s a multi-layered process of getting in touch with who you are now, what you want moving forward, what works for you, how you want to live and then creating that.

4. Plenty of people have done this before – use them.

You’re not the first and you won’t be the last.  Whatever move you’re making, there are bound to people out there who have done something similar, find them and approach them. Using the wealth of knowledge and insight that is already out there will ease the road for you and save you time, pain and money, not to mind, will expand your network and in the right direction.

5. Changing mindset and approach will be imperative.

You’re doing something different for you because you want different results. Different results require different actions which require a different mindset. To ensure your success you will need to let go of outdated beliefs, habits and thoughts to carve your new route.

6.  Be honest – Tell people what you are doing and what you want to do.

Tell your friends, their friends, your family, your old colleagues what you’re doing, whether that’s a career break, some time out to explore what you want to do in the future, the career move or business startup you want to make. The contacts, the little gems of information that other people offer up when you’re honest about where you’re at, can be instrumental in your achieving your goal.

7. It’s 10 times easier with the support of a career change professional

Of course it is. Which would you pick, working with an objective career change expert, who has done this many times before or doing it yourself? We understand the common pitfalls and can tailor our support and coaching specifically to your situation and goals.  Our clients, constantly feed back that working with a career coach takes the strain off their relationships with their partner, friends and family. Plus benefiting from our 100% objectivity, giving them the freedom to really explore what they need to in an unbiased setting.

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