7 Steps to Reach Your Full Career Potential!

Ponder this – what would reaching your career potential look like?

Imagine what your life would be like if you were performing at your optimum? How would your day to day work life be different? How would your longer term career prospects differ? How would you, specifically, benefit from greater focus, clarity, deeper confidence, more creativity, balance and intuition at work? Take some time to really think about this.

Reaching your potential is about investing in HOW you do things; working smarter, not harder. It is possible in 7 simple daily steps to transform HOW you work, but the magic happens through the ‘consistent’ use of these 7 steps. Integrate this habit into your daily life and within 30 days or less, you’ll soon see yourself operating at a different level, performing more and more to your true potential, until that new level becomes your new norm.

Enter your secret weapon to reaching your career potential:

15 minutes daily of Relaxation/ deep breathing/ meditation (whatever you want to call it)

The 7 Steps:

1. Sit somewhere quiet and comfortable – set your alarm for 15 mins from now – turn your phone on airplane mode to avoid calls and texts.
2. Close your eyes, decide you want to relax.
3. Breathe in deeply to the count of 7.
4. Breathe out deeply, empty yourself, to the count of 7.
5. Repat for 15 minutes.
6. Focus on the space between your eyes.
7. Allow yourself to fully absorb the relaxation and space you’ve created.

Repeat daily and for maximum effect measure the affects weekly for 4 weeks.

Cultivating positive associations with beneficial behaviour

The difference between knowing that this is a valuable and positive thing to do and actually doing it, is the association you make with it. Which is the case with anything. Connecting up the benefits with the behaviour, make the behaviour make sense, thus the power of association. We can cultivate this in all sorts of ways and this is how truly successful people work. Decide on the objectives you want to achieve, map out the goals you want to accomplish and create the links, find the links between your increase in focus, confidence, conviction, clarity etc. and your specific goals. Remind yourself of those goals, objectives and benefits on a daily basis, until you truly associate that behaviour with that benefit.

I tend to brainwash myself with phone alerts of my goals and weekly alerts asking myself, how much I have achieved in relation to that goal.

The easiest way by far, to make the positive association to the effects of meditation is to experience the benefits first hand. So definitely, like any new habit, you need to get clear on the results you want to achieve, then start with a decision to achieve these results, remind yourself of the goal at hand daily and use self-discipline and measuring systems, like printed out wall planners, phone reminders and diaries to keep you on track at first. If you really really want something, YOU WILL FIND A WAY! I suggest you find THIS way!

Here are the personal benefits of deep breathing / meditation that I have experienced in the past 4 months and it just keeps getting better and better:

  • A greater sense of self-acceptance
  • Harmony in most everything I do – feeling a new found sense of self-support
  • Increased self-confidence in the areas I needed
  • Increased conviction in my own ideas and action
  • Approaching people with my ideas, networking, ideas sharing all became very easy
  • Greater enjoyment from everything I do
  • Far easier to maintain balance inside and out
  • Far greater ability to manage and maintain multiple projects, teams and relationships
  • The ability to see everything in a much lighter way (I would liken it to the concept of detachment in Buddhism)
  • A greater sense of ease in my life in general
  • A constant general underlying feeling of ‘everything always working out well’
  • A greater sense of connection to what I do and whom I work with
  • A greater ease in just being myself and saying what I feel
  • Abundance in everything I do, ideas, financially, fabulous interesting clients, opportunities, resources, relationships, health
  • An ease in allowing space in myself and my life, for new and better things to fill
  • Experiencing that action and doing aren’t always the best way to create results, amazing results simply ‘happen’ when I’m relaxed

The best way I can think to describe the difference is like using Photoshop to turn a sepia toned image into colour, in stages of course, it’s a process after all. Each week, the colours get more and more vivid, deeper, richer and brighter and what was once bright, now seems dull.

Once I began to experience the benefits above and many many more, I made the deeper association between meditation and these effects and now it’s getting easier and easier each day to make the time to do this. It’s like food for the life I’m creating and the life I dream of and I know, if I keep feeding myself in this way, I’m on track.

I use a guided youtube video to keep me on track. I began using this 4 months ago, 3-5 times a week consistently.

Tips to make meditation/relaxation a habitual part of your daily life:

I use the calendar and daily alarms in my phone to remind me to do it.
When I started, I used a calendar on my wall and ticked it off each day I did it over the first month.
I also asked my partner to encourage me and ask me if I had meditated that day, which he still does 🙂 He notices when I haven’t!

I encourage all my clients to make meditation, yoga, deep breathing or some relaxation practise a habit in their life. It’s there for us all and this is the easiest and most direct route I have found.

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