The SEVEN Coaching system in 3 points.

The SEVEN Career Coaching system is simple, streamlined and we’ve divided it into 3 stages. For clients who want to change career or people wanting to start from scratch to ensure their next career move is the best one, we work through each stage. For people who are looking for clarity or have big decisions to make or need resolution around the past, clients often succeed within Stage 2.

Stage 1:

Knowing who you are is the starting point to knowing what you want. So we start here, at the global level, helping you get clarity around what you value in life, catching up with who you are now (as opposed to the person you were when you chose your career direction), what’s worked, what hasn’t. Finding out what your big picture looks like. Having this time to reflect, take a step back is of huge value and what you put in to this stage will create the foundations for your new future.

Stage 2:

Here we get down to the local level, we find out what you want to do, what you can do, what you have done. How to create a mid-term plan that aligns and prepares for your longer term goals. We identify your skills, your talents and exploring the future possibilities in using your natural talents, your interests and skill-set. Understanding suitability is also a big part here, what type of environment do you thrive in, what company values are important to you, what’s your working style. We do lots of practical exercises and on the ground research into exactly what will make up your best career move.

Stage 3:

This is about correlating all the information from the first 2 stages. It’s now crystal clear what you value, what you’re long term and mid-term objectives are, where your skills lie and what skills you want to use and also your gaps. Essentially we shortlist the future possibilities from stage 2, we put together an action plan for you to strategically network and uncover opportunities in less traditional ways, side-stepping the competition, creating a unique and self-managed platform. Resulting in exciting new opportunities, an expanded network and new skill set in career opportunity creation.

Each stage usually corresponds with 3 sessions.

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