Your skills will lead you to your ideal job! Great illustration.

I came across this fantastic diagram this morning and just had to share it with you. Using the career coaching process to find your ideal job, is one of getting to know oneself from a values, needs, interests, skills and goals perspective. Knowing and understanding your skills is indeed a central part of it, the rest of the process in some ways hangs off that.

What we do well, usually points us in the direction of what we want to do. What we can do, is a popular place many of us can get ‘stuck’. I’m sure there’s lots of things you CAN do, but would rather not, but it pays the bills as it were. Many of our career coaching clients come to us working in roles they got sucked into, because they COULD do them, but are deeply unfulfilled because they aren’t using the skills they really enjoy and are having to deny themselves on a daily basis.

Understanding our skill-set, knowing what skills we enjoy using and could develop further to do what we want to do is an integral part of the career coaching process. In the SEVEN Career Change programme, it’s the 2nd stage, WHAT, of our 3 stage process, bridging the big picture stuff of WHO we are and HOW we want to be, to the final stage of creating the opportunities to DO what we want to do.

Here’s a list of some starter questions to get you thinking about what you can do:

1. What kind of things are people always asking you to do for them?
2. Which of your skils do others consistently recognise as being valuable?
3. What can you do, or do in a unique way, that almost no one else you know can?
4. Which of the skills you possess have been most useful to you in life so far – and why?
5. Name the top 5 things you love to do and identify the skills from them, if not already obvious.

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