In our client’s words – What it’s like to work with a Career Coach.

Describe why you initially came to see a Career Coach?

I had too many options for the future and I couldn’t decipher what was most important and how to come to a decision. I was very stressed and couldn’t make sense of the factors in my mind.

Why did you choose SEVEN Career Coaching?

It was recommended by a friend.

What were your initial impressions following your first session with your Career Coach?

My initial impressions were that Evelyn had done this kind of thing before with people like me. This gave me confidence that I was with the right person to eventually uncover the best decision.

Describe Evelyn’s style of coaching?

Flexible. Fun. She is a great listener with an effective method for getting to the heart of the issue.

What did you enjoy most about the 1-1 career coaching sessions?

I could say whatever popped into my head without fear of judgement and furthermore, I was allowed to change my mind without the same fear. It was great to be able to go somewhere that was neutral and unbiased to really clear my thoughts and get the clarity I needed.

What did you enjoy most about the coaching exercises given in between the sessions?

The exercised forced me to think about myself and what I was doing from a different perspective. They weren’t too difficult and were very relevant. The most effective was definitely the values exercise.

What were the 3 key differences you notice in yourself between now and before you started coaching?

I’m nowhere near as stressed about the decisions I’m facing.
I have a heightened sense of self awareness.
I am more confident and content in the decision I have made and will make.

What was your objective from coaching and was that achieved?

My objective was to decide what actions I was going to take in the next 12 months to set me up for the next few years. I still haven’t decided what I’m going to do but more importantly I have the confidence and the knowledge to make the right decision when the time comes. I’m no longer walking around with permanent anxiety that I don’t know what the future holds.

How could we improve what we do?

More self awareness exercises? Eg. Values exercise

If you would, why would you recommend Evelyn’s coaching to a friend or colleague?

I would recommend SEVEN Career Coaching because I know it will be a fun, safe environment for them to clear their head and get some clarity on any problems they have. It gets to the point while being light-hearted.

Can we include your words for our testimonials page on our website?

Of course

Sarah Hinch, Business Analyst, Banking.
Received on February 25th 2013.

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