A portfolio career – your future?

A Portfolio Career is becoming more and more common in our current employment and financial environment. Essentially it means having several streams of incomes, commonly a few part-time roles or small businesses. The great benefit is being in the driving seat in terms of your income, security and time!

The upside of our current financial climate is the lack of security in traditional employment pushing individuals to make security for themselves and take the reigns of their future, income and how work fits their lifestyle. Nothing is black and white anymore and each and everyone of us is being pushed more and more to create our lives as we want them, as opposed to merely accepting we’re part of the flock!

A portfolio career is ideal, if like myself, you have a short attention span and thrive on new challenges and variety. The upside is independence, the challenge can be the high need for organisation and prioritisation. I came across this TED talk on another Career Coach’s blog and found it really valuable, I thought you might too.


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