Getting Focused & more importantly staying focused to achieve anything you want to!

September saw us get back in gear after those lazy summer days and embark on our ‘Re-focus Campaign’ for Winter 2012. Now that we’re in FULL swing we thought it would be great to share the steps we and our clients are taking to achieve our 2012 goals, so that you can do it too! Getting focused is one thing, staying focused is usually the real challenge.

The objective of Re-Focus Campaign 2012: to revisit, tweak and achieve the goals we set out for ourselves at the beginning of 2012, before the dawn of 2013! The first step is always, FOCUS, so today, that’s what we’re talking about.

See the diagram below, it’s a great image to keep in mind when we’re looking at how and what we are setting ourselves to achieve, success is never a straight journey, so we need to have a few different tricks to keep ourselves focused, when the path goes off the course we had imagined.

Most of us, can get focused, it’s STAYING focused that’s the real skill here. Continuing with our plans, chi`ping away at our lists, regardless of what’s going on around us and watching the completion of our goals come closer and closer, that’s the real work, and oh so worth it!

Getting focused is simply down to a decision. Usually it sounds something like this: ‘I’ve had enough of X, I’d LOVE Y to happen. If not now, when? By heck, I’m going for it! This time, I’m not resting until Y is my reality!’

The million dollar question is always, now that I’ve got focused, how do I stay focused?

There’s a few tricks we have in our toolbox that we’ll share with you today.

Why am I not motivated?

All to often, I’ve come across clients and people plugging away at achieving something, going up stream, working hard, things not working out easily, beating themselves up and coming to SEVEN to understand how to be more motivated. The very first question I always ask is: Do you really want this? Very often it’s, that this was something they wanted previously, but outgrew or something they felt they ‘should’ want or something a well-meaing other wanted for them. So before we get focused, we need to make sure we’re focusing on the right direction.

Key questions to ask yourself about you and your goals:

1. How much do I really want this? (Marks out of 10, 10 being – I couldn’t want ANYTHING more! If you’re not at 6 or higher, from our experience it’s not strong enough to stick to!)

2. What am I willing to sacrifice (realistically) until I have this? (JK Rowling didn’t do housework for 4 years when she was writing the first Harry Potter book, nice compromise!)

3. What am I willing to change until I have achieved this? Behavioural changes, lifestyle changes, attitude changes? (Similar to Lana Del Ray who stopped drinking at 18 to focus on her music and look at her now, one recent client, a recovering party animal, only allows herself 3 drinks on a Friday night now until her goal has been realised – it’s working!)

4. Am I happy to talk with my partner, best friend, parent, whomever is closest, and let them know how much I want to achieve this goal and ask for their support?

If you only do ONE thing………….

Our top top top tip if you want to get focused, stay focused and feel great is – 15 minutes of focused deep breathing/ Meditation daily. 

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We have seen just 15 minutes of deep breathing, listening to a guided breathing mediation everyday make profound differences to people’s lives. The health benefits and calming benefits alone are worth it, plus it improves the quality of your sleep hugely and yes, keeps your mind clear and you free to focus. Try it out for 10 days, it’s just 10 days and if it doesn’t work for you, I’ll eat my hat!

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The 300 stone, neon pink elephant in the room – Resistance.

We all have resistance to the things we want most, it’s just part of life. What’s most important and most empowering, is to just know that. It’s not you, it’s just life. The real secret is to see it for what it is when it’s crops up. We use a nice little fun exercise called the ‘Side Step’. Just notice that it’s there, it feels like apathy, lethargy, fear, anxiety usually, name it, say ‘Oh there you are, resistance.’ and then in your mind, literally side-step it, over-take it, so that it’s behind you, look forward and see the clear path. This really works, so try it out!

The Practicals: Well thought-out and sustainable actions plans that are visible on a daily basis.

1. Big goals broken down into smaller chunks and smaller chunks, until they are distilled into daily actions is the ONLY Formula for success!

2. Time – deadlines, that are near enough to feel real and realistic enough to get what you need done and live life too are essential!

3. Organisation – get a wall planner, use a printed out monthly calendar, use the calendar alerts on your phone diary to remind yourself of your actions to take that day! Fail to plan, plan to fail!

4. Visibility – our of sight, out of mind – put your wall planner, charts whatever you’re visual planning aids are where you will see them every day. Every day LOOK at them, tick off your list. Every week, summarise exactly what you have done, if you haven’t done certain things, why not? Do you need to re-tweak your plans or are they realistic enough to sustain action? If not, tweak as needed.

5. Accountability – your coach, your bessie mate, your boyfriend, your wife, whoever you’ve assigned as you check-in person, CHECK-IN with them every few days. Ask them to ask you, if you’re not checking in! Make yourself accountable first and foremost.

6. Keep researching and looking at others who are doing what you want to do, who are living that dream and keep the dream alive in your mind. This is the fuel that keeps the engine’s fire burning and your train going full steam ahead to reach your goal. It’s called PASSION!

7. Credit – Acknowledge your actions, acknowledge your achievements, look at how much you’ve achieved, look at how much you will achieve if you keep going at this rate in 6 months time or 12 months time. See it, feel it, know this is the direction you’re now going in.

 If you like what you read and you want one-to-one coaching sessions to help you accelerate the achievement of your goals, book a complementary phone consultation with us today and let’s get you started!

We coach people all over the world via Skype and as well as in London, interested?

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