The top 7 reasons people choose to work with a Career Coach.

We’ve been so busy this summer, we haven’t had a chance to blog, but with Winter coming in and focus returning as 2013 comes hurtling towards us, we’re getting refocused and hopefully helping you to refocus too.

We get asked all the time, what exactly is Career Coaching, why would someone work with a Career Coach? So we thought we’d share our top 7 reasons, from our experience of our clients, as to why people choose to work with a Career Coach:

1. To find direction.

2. To change career/job

3. To develop confidence. Confidence and conviction at work are key to allowing you to be as effective as you can be. Confident communication is quite a popular aspect that we develop with many clients and can transform your working life.

4. To create balance. Work time is structured, personal time is not. No guesses which one usually looses out to the other. We help you decide on what you want and teach you the tools to get the best of both worlds.

5. To up their game at work and perform at their best. Performance encompasses a wide variety of elements.

6. To get noticed and promoted (we analysis your current way of working and teach you specifically tailored steps to help you shine and get noticed by all the right people.)

7. To go freelance, start a business or start consulting.

To answer another very popular question we are frequently asked, ‘what do people get from working with a (SEVEN) Career Coach?’ we have compiled the most common reasons here:

1. Objectivity.

2. Expertise.

3. Space.

4. Focus.

5. Being taken seriously.

6. Being made accountable for your goals.

7. Structure.

To learn more about what our clients say about how they have benefited go here.


With 3 months (ish) left to the New Year of 2013, we’re all about getting focused and ensuring we achieve our 2012 goals before the year is through. If you’re interested in doing the same drop us a line via email

We also coach many clients via Skype – convenient, comfortable, saving on time, money and energy! You can try it out with our free introductory consultation and learn if it’s for you.

If you want to discuss how SEVEN can help you or just ask us some questions book your free phone consultation below.

 We coach clients all over London, we meet in convenient central locations such as Liverpool Street, Islington, Angel, London Bridge.

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